Organic Controls for Garden Pests

Weather Report

One of the things that makes gardening in the UK so interesting is that the weather is so variable from year to year. The weather affects the order that plants come out, and it can cause great disruption when we have extreme conditions such as frosts, floods, or drought. Weather conditions are also crucial to plant pests, and every year we are faced with different problems. So we thought we'd comment on the weather we've been seeing at our nursery and what effect it has had on the common plant pests.

Weather Report July 2018

After a wet cool spring June was a scorcher!

We had virtually no rain in the Southeast of England until 28th July, and the grass is scorched and dry. We're holding back on nematode treatments till it gets a bit damper

However the caterpillars are out in force, and the calabrese is suffering. We're going to try some Trichogramma brassicae outside this year, it has been so warm.

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