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This Year's Weather

Why we have introduced this page

One of the things that makes gardening in the UK so interesting is that the weather is so variable from year to year. The weather affects the order that plants come out, and it can cause great disruption to crops if we have late frosts such as we have had this year. Weather conditions are also crucial to plant pests, and every year we are faced with different problems. So we thought that this year we'd comment on the weather we've had and what effect it has had on the common plant pests.

Weather Report August 2017

In Sussex we are having a lovely summer - lots of sunshine, and still a few rainy rainy days to water the plants. Aphids seem to be quite a problem outside, but this week we have had some heavy showers which seem to have set them back.

Inside our glasshouses we have had less problems with thrips and spider mite so far, as we have been hanging up sachets of predatory mites.

We have cut back our hollies and skimmia because of the leaf miner in May, and now the leaves are looking fresh and clean.

Our customers are telling us there are a lot of chafer grubs around already, and they are keen to start treating early as the birds are digging them up in their lawns

The demand for slug control is right down this year, and we are not quite sure why, as its nice and damp under the leaves in the garden.

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