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Eretmocerus Eremicus

This insect is used to control whitefly, like Encarsia but is useful in slightly different conditions. If you find encarsia is not as effective as expected then it is possible that your whitefly is not the usual glasshouse whitefly, but instead the tobacco whitefly "Bermisia tabaci". It works best from April to August, but is less sensitive to the higher temperatures of midsummer - so if your greenhouse is getting above 30 degrees in midsummer then choose eretmocerus rather than encarsia. Most commercial growere use both predators, but gardeners tend to choose encarsia as it is cheaper.

Eretmocerus operates exactly like Encarsia, but comes from a different part of the world, and is slightly different in appearance and behaviour. The adult is still a very small parasitic wasp, but it is gold colour, rather than black and gold, and so not so easy to see. Also when the whitefly scales are parasited they turn gold, rather than black.

Eretmocerus Cards

The Standard pack (5 cards) should give good control for an average conservatory or small greenhouse. If you have a longstanding battle with whitefly order two packs with separate delivery dates. Then you can follow up the initial treatment with a second introduction two weeks later. The Larger pack should be used if the Whitefly infestation is very bad or the area large.
Identifying whitefly..

Pack of 5 cards
9.95 inc P&P

Pack of 20 cards
24.95 inc P&P