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Citrus Food

Citrus trees work hard to produce flowers and then grow the fruit, as well as keeping the foliage green and growing. If short of essential minerals they may abort their fruits or concentrate on growing the fruits at the expense of the leaves. To help them stay healthy, they need regular feeding with a finely-tuned fertiliser which will give them the nutrients they need to perform all these tasks. Light green or yellow leaves on the new growth is a sign of lack of nutrients.

This food has been formulated specially for us to provide just the minerals the citrus family need. We recommend feeding weekly - by dissolving these crystals in the watering can. 1 tub of 150gm is enough for 1 tree for 2 seasons for a large pot, 4 seasons for a small pot. Dilution rate is a very small scoop (1g) to 1 litre.

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Watering Citrus

The trick to growing citrus in pots is to be very careful that the root ball never dries out, and at the same time never get the roots waterlogged so they can't breathe. If are experiencing a lot of leaf drop then you are very likely overwatering or underwatering

When you water, water heavily from the top so that some starts coming out through the bottom. If the pot is very dry, you may need to dunk the whole pot in a bucket of water until the bubbles stop coming up. After watering do not water again until you notice that the pot feels lighter in weight and the top surface is lighter in colour. These are the best indications that the root ball is no longer fully wetted. (Many people make the mistake of just touching the top of the pot to see if it is damp - this is not a good indication because you are only judging how much water is in the very top surface - and this may vary with condensation and evaporation. The top surface is not what counts - it is the root ball!

Watering may be needed every day in hot mid-Summer weather; and may not be needed for a week if the weather is cloudy and cool. Don't work to someone else's rule, make your own judgement about frequency according to the weight of the pot. You must carefully adjust the watering to your own plant and environment.

Flush the plant through with copious water once or twice a year (normally during the summer, when you can take it outside), to remove any build up of fertiliser salts from the compost which may adversely affect the take-up of nutrients.

Summer Citrus Food

Summer Formulation is typically used between April and September. More information...

Tub 150gm
6.95 inc P&P

Winter Citrus Food

The Winter fertiliser should be added to the water either weekly (if you are needing to water every week), or whenever you water (if less than weekly). Use the Winter Formulation between November and March. More information...

Tub 150gm
6.95 inc P&P